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DREQUON (UK) - from DTA Records compilation (EP, DTA Records, 1983)


And now we go to the band I owe a name to! Well, not THAT much, actually, but Drequon was always a questionmark for me since I first read about them on Malc McMillan's mammoth NWOBHM Encyclopedia. Their only known recording is "Goddess of the Night", a song included on an utterly obscure 7" compilation EP on DTA Records, released on 1983 without a name, a picture sleeve or anything else. The EP also presents the bands Applicators, Midnight Ramblers and Freetime - none of it being palatable for dedicated headbangers, or so it seems. Anyway, it was long years of imagining what Drequon's music would sound like - and the name Drequon actually sounds so good to me that I decided to use it as a soubriquet in some Metal-related forums and now here on this blog.

Well, I still didn't have the chance to listen to the full compilation - something that I would really like to, so if you happen to have the full thing, please get in touch. But luck was on my side when I located, a few weeks ago, a good mp3 file with the elusive track from the mysterious Drequon - and it wasn't without trepidation that I pressed the Play button, expecting everything from a masterpiece to utter musical disaster.

And it turns out that "Goddess of the Night" is a perfectly good song, actually. The feeling is obscure, even a tiny bit somber, although we are far from Pagan Altar territory here. The opening guitar/bass lead is interesting and we can hear some very nice riffing too, specially towards the end. The vocal lines are very simple, but adequate, though I honestly think that the lyrics are immature, semi-mythological nonsense with no real merit whatsoever. But oh well, they were probably a bunch of adolescents doing their best to write some good Heavy Metal songs, so let's not be too harsh on them, as they would almost surely do better if given the chance to evolve as songwriters. All things considered, "Goddess of the Night" is a competent and promising song full of good ideas, and it's inevitable to wonder what other goodies they would be able to deliver if they received a little more attention and encouragement.

Of their earlier or later recordings (if there were any), none is known at present. In fact, they seemingly came and went in a very short period of time, leaving only this ultrarare vinyl memento to remind us of their existence. Is there anything else out there? I would REALLY like to know. If you have any clues, please get in touch! :)

Musicians unknown

Goddess of the Night (Jarvis, Wheeler) 3:15

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