Wants List

These are recordings that I never actually had the chance to listen to. If any of you good people could help me to get audio files and/or original releases of these, I would be extremely grateful!

LAST UPDATE: March 09, 2019



AVENUE - First Avenue (UK, 19??) - pre-NWOBHM, supposedly a cassette-only released

AVENUE - Savage Amusement (UK, 19??) - pre-NWOBHM, supposedly a cassette-only released

AVENUE - III Cheers (UK, 198?) - pre-NWOBHM, released on Boulevard Recs.

BLOODSHOT EYES - On My Knees (UK, 1984) - NWOBHM, post-SHADER

CENTURION - Cold Daze (UK, 198?) - Cassette-only release, mentioned by ex-member Chris McRae on interviews, recorded and distributed after the "Two Wheels" single from 1982

CHRIST CHILD - Christ Child (USA, 1977) - listed by a few dealers as NWOBHM, turns out to be a hard rock/punk collision from USA. Still want to listen to them though!

CRYS - Rhyfelwr (UK-Wales, 1981) - 1st LP from the ultimate Welsh-language NWOBHM band (I'm willing to BUY a playable 12'' or cassette copy of this one!)

CRYS - Tymor Yr Heliwr (UK-Wales, 1982) - 2nd LP from the ultimate Welsh-language NWOBHM band (I'm willing to BUY a playable 12'' or cassette copy of this one!)

CRYS - Roc Cafe (UK-Wales, 1995) - 3rd LP from the ultimate Welsh-language NWOBHM band (I'm willing to BUY a copy of this one - not interested on CD-R copies, thank you!)

GYPP - Reunion Concert (UK, 2000) - Recorded live in Germany September 8th 1996, same band that released the "Yaah!" 7'' EP in 1979, comes in a metal tin with glossy photographs of the band members, released by Jarmusic Germany

LAST STRAW - Alone on a Stone (UK, 1994) - Compiled from then-unreleased tapes, the same band from Isle of Wight responsible for the "Oh Lady" single in 1978, these recordings being in a more definite '70s prog rock vein, released on CD by Kissing Spell Records

LEGEND - AD 1980 (UK, 1994) - CD compilation from the Kent band. (I'm willing to BUY a playable, insert-included copy of this one!)

OMEGA (UK-Wales) - Omega (LP, 1983) - Only full-length release from the Welsh-singing band. 8 tracks in total. Songs like "Nansi" and "Adferwch Y Cymoedd" flirt with NWOBHM, but it's mostly a hard rock/prog band. Most surviving copies are in cassette format; 12'' LPs exist, but are even harder to locate (I'm willing to BUY a playable copy of this one, either in vinyl or cassette format!)

SHWN - Ar Galam! (UK, 1977) - Welsh-singing Folk/Rock/Prog

SHWN - Wodw! (UK, 1978) - Welsh-singing Folk/Rock/Prog



5 AM - I Don't Believe it / Suzanne 7'' (UK, 1980) - lightweight pre-NWOBHM, released on Terry Dactyl Recs.

ARC - War of the Ring (UK, 1981) - Classic 7'' from the NWOBHM heavy/doom pioneers (I'm willing to BUY a playable copy of this one - don't try to bullshit me with ultra-expensive 'mint' bootleg copies, or else offer me these for a reasonable price!)

BILL THE MURDERER - I'd Find You / Spring Rain (UK, 1978) - Very elusive record in a pre-NWOBHM vein, released via SRT

BUZZARD - 7" EP (UK, 1979) - Early NWOBHM, pre-ENERGY, no picture sleeve known to exist, songs are "The Show Must Go On", "Gasoline Alley Bred", "Radancer" and "When I Need You"

CARDINAL HILL - You Are Not to Blame / Mr. and Mrs. Nobody (UK, 1982) - Extremely rare release on Boxer Recs, supposedly semi-NWOBHM in a BLAZER BLAZER vein

CEFFYL PREN - Ennill dros Gymru 12'' (UK-Wales, 1990) - Recorded as official song for Wales in the Commonwealth Games 1990 - not sure if it was released as a one-sided single or if it had a proper B-side

CHRIST CHILD - Let 'em Eat Rock / Five Finger Exercise 7" (USA, 1978) - listed by a few dealers as NWOBHM (not quite the case as the band is from USA), actually a hard rock/punk band, released on Barak Records

CRYS - Lan Yn Y Gogledd (UK-Wales, 1980) - debut 7'' single from the ultimate Welsh-language NWOBHM band (I'm willing to BUY a playable, picture-sleeve-included copy of this one!)

DEXX - Heartbreaker / Computer 7" (UK, 1981) - listed by a few dealers as NWOBHM, actually a rock/pop band, released on A Side Records & Tapes, no picture sleeve known to exist. I would still like to give them a listen anyway!

DORCAS - Blwyddyn Arall 7'' (UK, 1984) - Heavy Rock, sung in Welsh, released by the Jipsi label (not on Sain Records as previously believed)

EXOCET - Stalemate 7'' (UK, 1986) - post-NWOBHM, pre-SLANDER

FLASH HARRY - Turbulent Sea of Emotion 7'' (UK, 1985) - Not really NWOBHM, more in a alternative rock vein, but I would still like to give it a listen! 

GYPP - Yaah! 7" (UK, 1979) - Early, melodic NWOBHM

HELLFIRE CLUB - Ballroom Blitz / The Legacy (UK, 1984?) - Supposedly a hard/heavy band affiliated with NWOBHM, all known copies labeled as promotional, no picture sleeve known to exist (If you happen to know ANYTHING about them, even with no audio files or vinyl to offer, I would REALLY appreciate to get in touch with you!)

HOLOCAUST (II) - 12'' EP (UK?, 198?) - Extremely rare band supposedly from the south of England (some sources hint the band may actually be from Canada), supposedly only press testing copies exist, songs are called "Slay that Dragon", "Take Me to Your Lawyer" and "So Called Civilised Way", songwriting credits for P.James and D.Oates (If you happen to know ANYTHING about them, even with no audio files or vinyl to offer, I would REALLY appreciate to get in touch with you!)

ISENGARD - Please Put Me On the Radio 7'' (UK, 1983) - Private pressing, not really NWOBHM, more in a melodic rock vein

JOHNNY KALENDAR BAND - Fooling Yourself EP (UK, 1979) - Listed by a few dealers as pre-NWOBHM, actually a late 70's pub rock band, songs are "Fooling Youself", "Secret Love" and "Celebration"

LAST STRAW - Oh Lady / Fly By Nite 7" (UK, 1978) - supposedly pre-NWOBHM from Isle of Wight, released on Solent Records

MADE IN ENGLAND - Dance of the Warriors (UK, 1981) - both instrumental songs, released on Gargoyle Records

MARRATXI - Rock With Me / Swedish Lady (UK, 1979) - supposedly NWOBHM, released on Clubland Records

NO QUARTER - Birds of Prey EP (UK, 1985) - Very hard to find, few copies ever made into circulation

PARADYNE - Down to Amsterdan 7'' (UK, 1982) - Seldom-seen single released by Airship Records, reportedly a very substantial NWOBHM record 

PRESENCE - No Reason / I Care for You 7'' (UK, 1979) - Lightweight pre-NWOBHM, private pressing

PYRAMID - Star 7" (UK, 1982) - NWOBHM, different band from the one on "It's Unheard Of!" compilation

RHINEHEART - Stuck Between a Rock / Just Can't Stop (UK, 1985) - Supposedly late NWOBHM, released on Brain Stir Records

RICOCHET - Double B Side. (UK, 1980) - 7'' release on Heavy Rock Records (I'm willing to BUY a playable, picture-sleeve-included copy of this one!)

SHADOWLANDS - Cry from the Heart 7'' (UK, 1986) - later NWOBHM released on Pharaoh Recs.

SPITEFUL CHILD - Voices in the Night / Is It Love (UK, 1983) - Supposedly NWOBHM, but most probably Indie Rock, released by Clubland Records

SPITEFUL CHILD - I Want to Hold You / Who's Crying Now (UK, 1985) - Supposedly NWOBHM, but most probably Indie Rock, independent release, only white label copies are known to exist

SPOONFULL - Troubled Times / Country Blues 7" (UK, 197?) - NWOBHM, pre-SHYWOLF, also appears on "Brum Beat - Live At The Barrel Organ" double-LP live compilation from 1980

STRYDER - Forcin' Thru 7" (Ireland, 1980) - NWOBHM, pre-ENGLISH ROGUES

STRUTZ - Come Back / Mixed Emotions 7'' (UK, 1985) - melodic NWOBHM released on Sticky Label Records

SWEET REVENGE - Hawks of Cairo 7'' (Ireland, 1982) - NWOBHM (I'm willing to BUY a playable copy of this one!)

SWEET REVENGE - Feel the Bullets Bite / Inside Your Head 7'' (Ireland, 1982) - NWOBHM, released on SRS Records  (If you happen to know ANYTHING about them, even with no audio files or vinyl to offer, I would REALLY appreciate to get in touch with you!)

THE LAW - 7'' EP (UK, 1979) - Supposedly pre-NWOBHM, released by Smile Records, songs are "Be My Girl", "Dead City Kicks" and "I Just Want Your Body"

TRAXX - Subway Walker 7'' (UK, 1986) - late NWOBHM

WILDSMITH ST. - Oh No Not Again 7" (UK, 198?) - NWOBHM



ANACONDA - Live at Burns Howff, Glasgow, 02.07.1980 - Supposedly early NWOBHM

CRYS - BBC Friday Rock Show 1983 - Songs played: "Pendoncwyr", "Merched Gwyllt A Gwin", "Rockin' Along" and "It's About Time"

DIRTY DOGS - BBC Session 1989 (featuring ex-XERO, GEORGE HATCHER BAND and PANAMA members)

DOG - Demo (UK, 198?) - NWOBHM, post-PHYNE TANQUZ. The demo has handwritten labels and 3 songs: Read All About It, Cheese Track and The Dead Walk Alone.

FALLEN ANGEL - Radio Hallam session 1982 (live in studio, supposedly NWOBHM)

GALAHAD - BBC Session 06.07.1984 - Supposedly NWOBHM

GARRISON - BBC Session, undated - NWOBHM

LOW MILEAGE - Demo (UK, 1979) - pre-NWOBHM, Songs are "Writing on the Wall", "Bonnie Moroney", "Beggin' On My Knees" and "Better Than You, Better Than Me"

MEAN MACHINE - Phyton / Lousy World / Ain't no Money (UK, 19??) - Extremely rare demo, other recordings probably exist

NO MERCY - Go for the Throat (UK, 1985) - 9 tracks, recorded late in the band's career

SMALLTOWN RUMOUR - Essex Radio session 29.01.1982 - supposedly NWOBHM

STRUTZ - Demo (UK, 1986?) - same band that released "Come Back" 7'', songs are "Alright Mama", "Breakaway", "Never Surrender" and "Sweet Dreamer"

SUMO GIANTS - BBC Session 09.05.1985 - supposedly late NWOBHM

THOR - Demo (UK, 1982) - NWOBHM, same band that appeared on "The Whinging Album" compilation  (If you happen to know ANYTHING about them, even with no audio files or vinyl to offer, I would REALLY appreciate to get in touch with you!)



An Evening with Rupert (UK, 1981) - Cassette-only compilation released by In Phaze Records, featuring a song from OBLIVION, probably the same semi-NWOBHM OBLIVION II present on "Rupert Preaching at a Picnic" local-band LP

A Rather Nasty Dream On Papplewick Pond (UK, 1989) - Includes MASQUE, METAL MESSIAH, FIRST BLOOD and SNYPER

Castle Rock Compilation (UK, 1984) - compilation of Radio Trent sessions, features an exclusive number from DAWN TRADER called "Homebreaker"

Class of '83 (UK, 1983) - Released by Rapp Records, features SQUASHED PYRANNAH's exclusive track "Don't You Know"

Compilation 1 - Starforce Studios (UK, 1982) - Released by Starforce Studios, mostly new wave/synth pop but I would still like to give it a listen!

D.T.A. Records sample (UK, 1983) - 7" compilation, no picture sleeve known, includes DREQUON's "Goddess of the Night" (If you happen to know ANYTHING about DREQUON, I would REALLY appreciate to get in touch with you. And I'm willing to BUY a playable copy of this one!)

Flightpath One (UK, 1984) - Compilation with bands from the Sheffield area, released by the Vulcan concern, no NWOBHM on display, but I'm curious enough to give it a listen!

Forgotten Futures (UK, 1983) - Released by Rapp Records, reportedly no full-blown NWOBHM on display, but featuring a few borderline acts such as WOUNDED KNEE, THE UNIT, STRYKNENE and QUAZOR

Gyda Chymorth C.A.C. (UK-Wales, 1982) - 7'' compilation on the Fflach label, features Y DIAWLED's exclusive number "Shwt Mae Siapus?" - already have a good quality audio file of this one, but still would like to listen to the other tracks


Just When You Thought We Were Dead - Music from the Bangor Area (UK-Wales, 1982) - 2-Cassette compilation, most probably not-on-label and never released on vinyl format, allegedly includes the very first apparition from ROHAN, very few (if any) copies known to be in circulation

Live - A Week at the Bridge E16 (UK,1978) - All tracks recorded live, mostly pub rock/blues but with some interest to NWOBHM aficionados due to the presence of artists like Dennis Stratton (playing with REMUS DOWN BOULEVARD) and Lea Hart (ROLL UPS), released by Bridge House Records

Lend an Ear 1992? (UK, 1982) - LP compilation released on Vroom Recs, featuring TOAD THE WET SPROCKET, SLICE and GIANT HOAX

On a Wing and a Prayer (UK, 1985) - NWOBHM, includes rare and utterly unknown TRIXTER

New Belief in Old Cities (UK, 1983) - Released by The New Belief Record Company, includes some NWOBHM cuts by SCREAMING TREE and CURFEW

Rock (7) (ROM, 1985) - Includes BAROCK, KRYPTON, HARDTON (I'm willing to BUY a playable copy of this one!)

Rock '92 Volumul 1 (ROM,1992) - Live at Rock '92 festival in Bucharest, September 11-12, 1992. Includes unique vrs. of KRYPTON'S "Fara Teama" plus COMANDO, SURVOLAJ, CARGO and 4 tracks from GILLAN (I'm willing to BUY a playable copy of this one!)

Rumour Sets the Woods Alight (UK, 1986) - released on Teesbeat Records, presents a late NWOBHM act called LANSLIDE

Seaside Rock (UK, 1981) - 2-LP compilation, includes VALKYRIE's "Cradle to the Grave" (I'm willing to BUY a playable, foldout-insert-included copy of this one!)

Southern Comfort - Rock Compilation Album From The South (UK, 1983) - Includes DEUCE, STRAIGHT SIX (I'm willing to BUY a playable copy of this one!)

So You Think We're All Farmers... (UK, 1981) - LP compilation on Squid Marks Time label, included NWOBHM acts TIGHTROPE and WHITE DIAMOND

The Quest Tapes (UK, 1982) - NWOBHM, includes 2 exclusive songs from HIGH TREASON (I'm willing to BUY a playable copy of this one!)

The Whinging Album (UK, undated) - NWOBHM, includes TELLURIAN, THOR, TITAN (yet another one), ACANTHUS  (If you happen to know ANYTHING about ACANTHUS/THOR, even with no audio files or vinyl to offer, I would REALLY appreciate to get in touch with you! And I'm willing to BUY a playable, foldout-sleeve-included copy of this one - will consider a no-foldout copy if it's a bargain!)

To Boldly Go... (UK, 1986) - released by Rats Kart Records, a few late NWOBHM numbers on display, includes HARRIER, CHEATER, EXECUTIONER, SOME WEIRD SIN

Tracks West - Platform 1 (UK, 1983) - TW Records release with some semi-NWOBHM in MORROKO, THE OPPOSITE MAN and HI-FI, few copies ever known to have been unhearted, therefore extremely rare

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  1. Hi there, i have rips of the records you listed by:
    GARBO (not really NWoBHM at all, Proggy-Pop-Rock)
    and an EP by a band called BUZZARD, but this may be a different band with the same name, i'll have to check.
    Give me some time and i'll post them for you,

  2. Hi again,
    I'm uploading that Alec Johnson Band 7" for you just now.
    I'll do the others as i come across them.
    The Buzzard record i have seems to be by a different band unfortunately, not the one you were loooking for.
    Likewise, the Titan 45.
    I'll post Alec Johnson, Spitfire & Garbo for you over at Strappado's HM Rarities forum.
    I'm known as "riptorn" there.
    Best wishes,

  3. Sorry for taking so long to answer.
    YOU ARE THE BEST, my friend! Thanks a million for such a kind gesture. Awesome!

  4. I am posting a copy of "Rumour sets the woods alight" LP.

  5. 2 of The Dog demo tracks you're looking for are issued in the High Roller LP of Phyne Thanquz.

  6. I also have "On A Wing And A Prayer" on Ebay too.

  7. John Young: Awesome. I'll take a look on it. Thanks a ton!
    rumble: just bought tle LP of Phyne Thanquz and I'm very anxious to listen to it. Guess it will be a great collection of songs!

  8. Hello my friend. VA - Colours of the Bastard Art ( Compilation 1985) that includes exclusive take of ORION's "Storm" can be found here: http://heavymetalrarities.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=27303
    I just upload it!

  9. Garbo (UK) - The Dancing Strange [7" EP] (1983)
    Left Hand Drive (UK) - Jailbait [Single] (1977)
    Left Hand Drive (UK) - Who Said Rock and Roll is Dead [Single] (1978)
    The Penetrations (UK) - Coming To You [Single] (1980)
    The Steve Crowther Band (UK) - Red Herring / My Machine [Single] (1982)
    Strutz (UK) - Come Back [Single] (1985)
    Sweet Revenge (Ire) - Hawks of Cairo [Single] (1982)
    Helvellyn (UK) - Last Rites [Demo] (1982)
    Avalanche (Eng) - The Preacher / Mean Lady [single] (1980)