●                    Outrageously Bad
 *                   Not Good
 * *                Could Have Done Better
 * * *             Job Well Done
 * * * *          Very Enjoyable
 * * * * *       Outstanding

All ratings are completely subjective and reflects only my feelings about the songs. Even though there are a few "scientific" ways to rate an album, I'm not using any of them - it's just downright personal opinion, and nothing else. Feel completely free to disagree as much as you like.

Still, just so it can make some sort of sense for you people, you can consider that all 5-star albuns are those I consider to be real seminal releases, those that people REALLY should listen to at least once in their lives. For instance, most bands will receive only one 5-star rating through their discography, meaning that they deserve a listen and that one particular album would be my suggestion for you to give it a try. If a band have no 5-star rating in any of their releases, that means that (although I may like it a hell of a lot in many cases) I don't consider that particular band to be a "must-hear", being more indicated for those already familiar with the more well-known bands and their releases. Similarly, 4-star and 3-star reviews are mostly positive, with 2-star being for not-that-bad-but-not-that-good releases and 1-star and black-dot ratings being given only to the kind of music that, most sincerely, I would not reccomend you to listen to.

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