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NIGHT GAMES (UK-Wales) - Searching For An Angel (7'', Private, 1984)


Yet another obscure release that few privileged individuals can actually claim to possess a copy, Night Games' "Searching For An Angel" is an uncommon release in the amazing realm of NWOBHM in a number of aspects. In fact, it transpires that these hopefuls from Gwent, Wales never actually came to be a proper band, being no more than a very short side-project of a drummer called Huw Williams - that I suppose to have been an active name on Wales' rock circuit at the time, although I've no idea on what bands he was involved with prior to this point. Apparently, the man believed to have a few good ideas to explore, and chose (after a few studio sessions with guest musicians to help matters) to release a one-sided, privately pressed promo single - in such a limited pressing that I reckon very few people ever get to listen to it. At least until some kind-hearted individual generated a mp3 file of it, that have been discreetly circulating in P2P services for almost a full decade now.

"Searching for An Angel" is actually a pretty nice hard rocker, with tuneful vocals (which remind me quite a lot of Traitor's Gate singer Robby Evans, in such a way that I wouldn't doubt it is the man himself singing here too) and an interesting, tasteful use of keyboard layers to enhance the melodic side of things. The arrangements are all very adequate too, and the composition as a whole more than qualifies as a worthy inclusion to the most melodic and classy side of the NWOBHM spectrum. A very impressive number indeed, even more if we consider that it was all hastily-assembled for an one-off spell in the studio.

To be frank, I'm not even sure this 7'' ever made into any wider circulation, as it is indeed an extremely scarce collectable these days. The idea of releasing a single with just one song in it, although not exactly unique, is kinda hard to comprehend too - I don't know, maybe it was aimed specifically to a few influential individuals in the business and/or a local radio station or two. Whatever the case, it seems to have been a very brief experience for those involved, and there's no other signs of activity from Night Games anytime, anywhere.

Huw Williams (not to be mistaken with another welsh musician who took part in outfits such as the slightly distasteful The Pooh Sticks) was a very common name for drummers in and around Wales, as there were at least three identically-named individuals sitting at drumstools throughout the 80s. As we now know, the one Huw Williams who assembled Night Games is neither (contrary to what Malc McMillan's otherwise-accurate NWOBHM Encyclopedia says) the one who played with Count Shout and December Rose, nor the one who performed with Liverpool indie bands such as The Jactars and Crickey! It’s the Cromptons (don't ask me, I don't have a clue). There's a certain Huw Williams still playing drums in Gwent, acting as a jazz musician and music teacher, but we're not sure at this point if he is the man behind Night Games or yet another guy that would make the whole situation even more difficult to elucidate. The other names involved with this venture are still to be determined - if you have any helpful info (or a reliable image of the record, as I couldn't find none), please get in touch!

Last update: June 15th, 2013

Musicians unknown

01. Searching For An Angel 4:18

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